Our History

Earliest image of the church building from 1948

Young girl stands in the entrance to the church in March of 1951

Magnet Cove Missionary Baptist Church sent a group of people to begin a work in the Jones Mill area. This group organized as Meadow View Missionary Baptist Church on September 13, 1936. The following is an excerpt from the history as written by Sis. Ozema Norton, the first church clerk. Sis. Norton, who was the longest living charter member, passed away in 2003.

The meeting place was the schoolhouse located on top of the hill from the old church building. Our name came from looking out over the meadow from the schoolhouse. We had Sunday School each Sunday and preaching once a month. Magnet Cove’s pastor preached to us on Saturday evening.

Later, the building caught fire and burned during service. Bro. Earl Page was the pastor. We then met in a building near the railroad crossing called the old hotel. Bro. Page urged the church to immediately try to locate land to build on. We then purchased the land the old building is now on. Trying to get a building started was very slow. Bro. Webb, a builder, was contacted and figured the cost for one room, the auditorium. He poured the foundation and went to the store where Sis. Ozema Kennerly worked for Bro. Fate Conzel and asked for $1,500.00. The men of the church got together, borrowed the money, and Bro. Webb kept working.

The Aluminum Plant was being built at this time. Men stopped by the store to get their checks cashed and Sis. Ozema would ask for a donation for the church building. Many of them gave a $0.50 donation. We managed to get into our new building in 1945. The Lord blessed, our church family grew, and we added some Sunday School rooms. In 1956, we built the parsonage with Bro. Russell Almond as our pastor. We also added the north wing.

We moved into the current building on December 3, 1989, with Bro. Fred Etheridge as pastor. The parsonage was built in 1994. An additional facility was added in 2001 with a large fellowship hall, kitchen, office space, and classrooms.